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Challenging Collections: Approaches to the Heritage of Recent Science and Technology

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Added 2017-07-24
Publication date: 2017-07-20 (Hijri Calendar)
doi: 10.5479/si.9781944466121

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Challenging Collections: Approaches to the Heritage of Recent Science and Technology

Alison Boyle, Johannes-Geert Hagmann (Volume editor); Dominique Pestre, John Durant, Martin Collins, Robert Bud, Henry Lowood, Dagmar Schäfer, Jia-Ou Song, Catherine Cuenca, Serge Chambaud, Jennifer Landry, Rosie Cook, Anna Ademek, Finn H. Sandberg, Kristin Ø. Gjerde, Teresa Anderson, Tim O'Brien, Olov Amelin, Karen A. Rader, James Hyslop, Osamu Kamei, Roland Wittje, Thomas Söderqvist (Chapter/Paper Author)

This most recent volume in the Artefacts series, Challenging Collections: Approaches to the Heritage of Recent Science and Technology, focuses on the question of collecting post–World War II scientific and technological heritage in museums, and the challenging issue of how such artifacts can be displayed and interpreted for diverse publics. In addition to examples of practice, editors Alison Boyle and Johannes-Geert Hagmann have invited prominent historians and curators to reflect on the nature of recent scientific and technological heritage, and to challenge the role of museum collections in the twenty-first century. Challenging Collections will certainly be part of an ever-evolving dialogue among communities of collectors and scholars seeking to keep pace with the changing landscapes of science and technology, museology, and historiography.


Alison Boyle, Johannes-Geert Hagmann

The Sciences between Technical Demiurgy, Economic Matters of Fact, and Political Regulations
Historical Overview, Current Situation, and Normative Principles

Dominique Pestre

A Tape Measure and a “T” Stop
Or, Why Museums of Science and Technology Should Collect More Contemporary Artifacts

John Durant

History as Intellectual and Organizational Tool in Creating a Collections Rationale
The Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum’s Spaceflight Artifacts as Case Study

Martin Collins

Understanding “Contemporary Collecting”
Modern Collecting at the Science Museum

Robert Bud

Software Archives and Software Libraries

Henry Lowood

Interpreting the Collection and Display of Contemporary Science in Chinese Museums as a Reflection of Science in Society

Dagmar Schäfer, Jia-Ou Song

A National Program for Safeguarding Scientific and Technical Heritage

Catherine Cuenca, Serge Chambaud

Collecting Twentieth-Century Chemistry
A Reevaluation of Collecting Philosophy and Goals at the Chemical Heritage Foundation

Jennifer Landry, Rosie Cook

A Snapshot of Canadian Kitchens
Collecting Contemporary Technologies as Historical Evidence for Future Research

Anna Ademek

Preserving Norway’s Oil Heritage

Finn H. Sandberg, Kristin Ø. Gjerde

The Balance between Recent Heritage and Ongoing Research
The Case of Jodrell Bank Observatory

Teresa Anderson, Tim O'Brien

Against Method
A Story-Based Approach to Acquiring Artifacts from Nobel Laureates

Olov Amelin

Hands-on Science Centers as Anticollections?
The Origins and Implications of the Exploratorium Exhibits Model

Karen A. Rader

Interview with James Hyslop

James Hyslop

Interview with Osamu Kamei

Osamu Kamei

Interview with Roland Wittje

Roland Wittje

Interview with Thomas Söderqvist

Thomas Söderqvist

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