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Proceedings and Edited Collections

Publications in this series include edited collections and proceedings that include research conducted by Smithsonian staff and their professional colleagues that are interdisciplinary or have core subject matter outside the scope of the Smithsonian Contributions Series. To submit a manuscript, email SISP at scholarlypress@si.edu to request enrollment as an author.

New Releases

  • Challenging Collections: Approaches to the Heritage of Recent Science and Technology
    Alison Boyle, Johannes-Geert Hagmann (Volume editor); Dominique Pestre, John Durant, Martin Collins, Robert Bud, Henry Lowood, Dagmar Schäfer, Jia-Ou Song, Catherine Cuenca, Serge Chambaud, Jennifer Landry, Rosie Cook, Anna Ademek, Finn H. Sandberg, Kristin Ø. Gjerde, Teresa Anderson, Tim O'Brien, Olov Amelin, Karen A. Rader, James Hyslop, Osamu Kamei, Roland Wittje, Thomas Söderqvist (Chapter/Paper Author)

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